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Beautiful Places in Northeastern India

Beautiful Places In Northeastern India

Northeastern India drives up the region, which remains unchanged to date. Many areas in North East India still maintain their rural charm, presenting a bunch to visit. Sikkim, the most recent expansion to North Eastern India, has gradually expanded into one of the top snow-laden destinations.

Assam, the region’s most populous state, is an excellent mixture of historical sites, age-old temples and rich biodiversity. Arunachal Pradesh, bordering China, is characterized by its peaceful lifestyle, warm hospitality and many famous monasteries serving as spiritual centres. Below is the list of places in Northeastern India:

Best Places to Visit in Northeastern:

1. Haflong (Assam):

Suppose you want a getaway to the biodiversity-rich state of Assam. This hill station features verdant rolling hills, narrow valleys, unique flora and fauna and fascinating views with a peaceful environment, ideal for all the tourists to come and fall in love with nature! The culturally rich hill station also goes by the White Ant Hillock, asking several travellers from all over the country.

There are many sightseeing attractions, the best being Haflong Hill and Haflong Lake, boasting breathtaking landscape views and ideal for picnics with family and friends. The lake is well-maintained, and the visitors enjoy the surreal ambiance while boating.

The hill station is also well-known for religious camping experiences and its lakeside lodges, including limited reasonable housing.

2. ANINI (Arunachal Pradesh)

Anini is where the shadows come down the kiss the land. With much of its beauty looking from behind the hazy air, this new town is the place to visit for peace.

Fibbing in the lovely Dibang Valley district, Anini is characterized by pleasant weather and tremendous natural beauty, making it a tourist’s utopia, emerging from the clouds. Its quietness, magnificence and charm are almost unchanged and can comfort you to the soul. A famous tourist spot nearby is the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary.

·   Local Sightseeing
·   Trekking

3. TURA (Meghalaya)

Tura is an eco-tourist corner of the state in the western part of Meghalaya. It is found 311 Km from Shillong and 219 Km from Guwahati in Assam. As resistance to Shillong, which is developing favourably multi-cultural, Tura is profoundly rooted in its aboriginal Garo roots. Tura and the other district regions boast rich, quiet biodiversity and wild attractions such as waterfalls, caves and creeks. The primary languages expressed are Garo and English.

The significant interest of this town is  Nokrek National Park, where different creatures such as the leopard, golden cat, wild buffalo and much more live.

·  Tura Peak
· Siju Caves
· Balpakaram National Park
·  Nokrek National Park
·  Pelga Falls
. Rongbang Dar Waterfalls

4.CHAMPHAI (Mizoram)

The village of Champhai on the eastern border of Mizoram is the administrative headquarters of the Champhai district. It is discovered at a space of 188 Km from the capital of Aizawl. Champhai and its surrounding provinces are mostly known for their untouched beauty and extensive valleys of rice areas, and it is known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Mizoram.’ Also, its deep seasonal orchids lend a certain romanticism and aesthetic charm.

Champhai has several visitor attractions and remarkably realistic settings. These contain a cave called the Kungawrhi Puk, a river called Tiau Lui, Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang and a few more.

·  Rih Dil
·  Murlen National Park
·  Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary

5. TUOPHEMA (Nagaland)

On a leafy and green hillock lies the township called Touphema Village. Created by the regional society in collaboration with the Tourism Department of Nagaland, Touphema Village is a group of tiny houses constructed and adorned in classic Naga structure sensibilities. The town plans to give the visitors the feeling of living in a Naga tribal house.

Touphema village is situated about a hundred kilometres from Dimapur and is a lovely tribute to Nagaland’s civilization, lifestyle and individuals. Living in the townlet guides you much about country life and Naga civilization. It is a stylish place to visit in Nagaland.

6. YUKSOM (Sikkim)

The literal definition of “Yuksom” is “the intersection point of the three Lamas.” The Lamas arrived from Sikkim and designated the Nyingmapa order of Tibetan Buddhism. Historically, in 1642 AD, the first king of Sikkim was glorified here, where the magnificent Norbughang Stupa stands today.

Yuksom is roosted at the peak of 1780 m and installed in the Himalayan Mountains’ lap. On tour to Yuksom, tourists can go trekking in Mt. Kangchendzongha and enjoy the natural wildlife sanctuary or relax with a glass of bamboo drink.

·  Tashiding Monastery
·  Khangchendzonda National Park
·  Coronation Throne of Norbughang
· Kartook Monastery

7. JAMPUI HILLS(Tripura)

It is also known as the everlasting hills; the Jampui hills live up to its name, having a friendly climate all over the year, supplying great possibilities for each traveller to take in this place’s attractiveness.

The leafy green hills, with tea farms, orchids and orange on the gradients, provide a suitable vantage point to view the valleys.

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