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11 Best Amazing Things To Do in Beverly Hills

One of the most elegant destinations in the country is Beverly Hills. Mega-mansions, celebrity sightings, and an upscale aesthetic that even permeates the streets can be found in this city, particularly along the renowned Rodeo Drive. Amazingly, all this opulence is contained in 5.7 square miles, nestled up against the Santa Monica Mountains.

Beverly Hills is a place that everyone can enjoy, even if it’s popular among the wealthy in Hollywood. One side of the city’s “Golden Triangle” of posh dining options, shopping, and people-watching is Santa Monica Boulevard. Walking about this central area, which bordered by Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive, a common part of many visits.

But Beverly Hills is more than just shopping, dining, and staring at pricey cars. Beautiful gardens and parks, as well as performing spaces and historical sites, compete for visitors’ attention. And much of the city’s architectural charm defined by sumptuous villas that rise above Sunset Drive on the west side.

With our list of the best Beverly Hills attractions, you may organize your own opulent vacation.

Best Things to Do in Beverly Hills

Below are the things to explore:

1. Rodeo Drive:

Rodeo Drive

There is nowhere that embodies a more opulent and fashionable way of life than Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. This opulent avenue lined with restaurants and businesses that well-known throughout the world, along with palm trees and Bentleys parked close to the curb. Additionally, if you hear a sudden flurry of camera shutters, an A-list star is most likely in the area.

A basis of the “Golden Triangle” in the city is Rodeo Drive, which joined by Santa Monica and Wilshire Boulevards. This luxurious sector spans around three blocks and is home to over a hundred boutiques, restaurants, and five-star hotels. For those wishing to live in the lap of luxury, this posh area of town offers countless upscale pleasures.

One of the free activities on Rodeo Drive the very sought-after Rodeo Drive Walk of Style. This public roadway, reminiscent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, lined with gold plaques honoring significant fashion luminaries who have left their mark on Beverly Hills. Gianni & Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani are two previous honorees.

No matter how much you enjoy eating or shopping, a trip to Rodeo Drive and the Golden Triangle is worthwhile. The entire neighborhood has an exotic, almost island-like atmosphere, evocative of Europe or any other distant area. Locations featuring cobblestone streets, such as Two Rodeo Drive, convey this European flare.

2. Beverly Gardens Park:

Beverly Gardens Park

Beverly Gardens Park is one of the city’s most famous outdoor areas. Adjacent to Santa Monica Boulevard, this 1.9-acre linear park extends from Wilshire Boulevard to North Doheny Drive. The entire park connected by a small gravel pathway that links several art installations, gardens, and two ornamental fountains at either end.

If not the most photographed location in the park, the 40-foot-long Beverly Hills Sign is undoubtedly the most well-known. The greatest area of Beverly Gardens Park surrounds this renowned sign, which perched atop a lily pond. Here, a courtyard and picnic benches provide a lovely view of the artwork and sculptures that have placed in the region.

Another popular spot for photographers to visit is the Electric Fountain, which is located at the intersection of Santa Monica and Wilshire Boulevards on the western end of the park. This old fountain surrounded by decorative mosaics, and at night, lighting makes it much more beautiful.

A historic cactus garden is one of Beverly Gardens’ other noteworthy features. Moreover, the easternmost point of the park is home to the Doheny Fountain, another water feature. A few noteworthy neighborhood gatherings, such as the Beverly Hills Art Show in the spring and fall, take place in Beverly Gardens Park.

3. Walking Tour Beverly Hills:

Walking Tour Beverly Hills:

Beverly Hills offers many of sights to view without requiring a lengthy trek, and walking on the sidewalks is the most convenient option. Santa Monica Boulevard and Rodeo Drive are the primary focal points. In addition to upscale clothing stores, pedestrians come across tasteful architecture and striking artwork. Along the path are palm palms, which thrive in the bright weather and the nearby parklands.

A variety of walking tour maps catering to different interests published by the Beverly Hills Visitor Center, Love Beverly Hills. Every sightseeing trip makes multiple stops, all of which close to Rodeo Drive and can reached on foot. The many walking tours cover Hollywood filming locales, art and culture, historical Beverly Hills, and family-friendly activities.

Beverly Hills City Hall and Beverly Gardens Park are two notable locations for a walking tour. Almost all itineraries include Two Rodeo Drive, which also referred to as the cobblestone entrance to Rodeo Drive. The central business district of this city is highly photogenic, with people frequently strutting around the sidewalks.

Not only is strolling about this central Beverly Hills neighborhood a convenient way to see many popular sights and activities, but it also simplifies the challenging process of finding parking. If you want to get rid of your car entirely, the 4 Line from downtown Los Angeles makes four stations along Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

4. Dining at Beverly Hills:

Dining at Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills renowned for its culinary culture in addition to its high fashion and opulence. And while some of the menu selections showcase the city’s high-end feel, there’s still charm to other of the more laid-back choices. However, especially on the weekends, make sure to make a reservation if you intend to dine out in elegance.

In part due to the lovely weather and the city’s relaxed regulations for outdoor eating spaces, dining al fresco is a convenient alternative in Beverly Hills. For all three meals of the day, there are plenty of options for outdoor dining, from cozy patios by the fire to sidewalk cafés.

Every time you visit Beverly Hills, there’s a new restaurant to try. La Dolce Vita, a historic Hollywood hotspot, and The Grill on the Alley, at Two Rodeo Drive, are two noteworthy, long-standing favorites. And guests have been enjoying Lawry’s The Prime Rib on La Cienega Boulevard for the past ninety-nine years.

5. Greystone Mansion:

Greystone Mansion

This enormous 1920s estate on the north side of the city, reachable from Sunset Boulevard, owned by the city of Beverly Hills. Perched on exquisitely manicured 13 acres, the estate is accessible for exploration. It’s a well-liked location for photo shoots (permission required) and has frequently appeared in Hollywood productions.

Apart from private tours and special events, Greystone Mansion’s interior is typically off-limits to the public. Nonetheless, there’s enough to discover outside, especially considering the city’s often sunny weather. Greystone’s formal gardens have courtyards surrounded by trees and focal points made by water fountains.

Movie buffs will know the mansion from big-budget hits like There Will Be Blood and The Big Lebowski. The Social Network and Spider-Man are two more noteworthy films. Innumerable family photographs, engagement photos, and other similar productions have featured the estate. Any kind of commercial photography needs a permit.

6. Explore Franklin Canyon Park:

 Franklin Canyon Park:

Accessible from Beverly Drive, Franklin Canyon Park spans more than 600 acres on the northern edge of Beverly Hills. For those who enjoy spending time in nature, this enormous tract of open space in an otherwise crowded area of Los Angeles is a welcome diversion.

There is a system of trails that runs the entire length of the park. The 2.3-mile Hastain Trail and the 0.3-mile Discovery Trail are the nearest trails to Beverly Hills. A popular family hike, the Discovery Trail offers a gentle loop through walnut woods, while the Hastain Trail features a strenuous ascent.

Other routes in the park, such as the Ranch Trail, explore the reservoir in the canyon further north. There are multiple interpretive stops in this area that go over the canyon’s unique history. The reservoir serves as a frequent resting place for birds and birdwatchers alike along the Pacific Coast Flyway. During a visit, bring binoculars.

7. Wallis Annenberg Center:

Wallis Annenberg Center:

In the center of Beverly Hills is the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, a top-notch entertainment venue. Located next to Crescent Drive, across Santa Monica Boulevard from Beverly Gardens Park. It well regarded in Southern California for its varied and exciting schedule of events.

The hub occupies what appears to be a whole city block. It consists of two unique, striking structures, one of which being the Beverly Hills Post Office from 1933. The 500-seat Goldsmith Theater is located next to this historic public utility built in the Italianate style. The performance center’s annual events and shows built up by this fusion of the historical and modern.

In addition to celebrity appearances on stage and in the audience, the Wallis is home to several community gatherings and activities. The monthly Sunday Funday family gatherings with live music and dance parties are possibly the most noteworthy.

8. Events at Beverly Hills:

Events at Beverly Hills

There are events scheduled throughout the year in the city, and the weather usually favorable. Many of these community gatherings, such as the monthly First Thursday’s events, are weekend-only affairs, but there are also weekday celebrations, such as pet parades and classic car displays.

A couple of the most popular activities in Beverly Hills include the Farmers Market, which takes place every Sunday, rain or shine, and the Thursday-night Concerts on Canon, which happen during the summer. Free to enter, these family-friendly events frequently offer some of the best people-watching in town.

Add the Beverly Hills ARTshow to your schedule of must-see events. This enormous gathering of regional and local artists takes place over two distinct weekends in the spring and fall each year. Every season, the show, which held in Beverly Gardens Park, usually draws more than 50,000 viewers.

9. Spadena House:

Spadena House

This distinctive and picturesque residence is located across Santa Monica Boulevard from the Golden Triangle retail district. Its quirky and eerie appearance has earned it another widespread name, The Witch’s House.

The Spadena House is merely a sight to behold from the sidewalk; it is a private property. Even so, it’s worth taking a detour to view the attention to detail in the house because of its proximity to Beverly Gardens Park.

10. Virginia Robinson Gradens:

Virginia Robinson Gradens

When Virginia Robinson Gardens constructed in 1911, it raised the standard for opulent Beverly Hills residences. It listed on the National Register of Historic Places and considered as the first luxury estate in the city. By invitation only, public tours of the still-opulent mansion and gardens offered.

History lovers flock to this former Hollywood hotspot because of the home’s historical significance and the docent-led tours offered. Additionally, photographers and green thumbs drawn to the property’s six acres of opulent landscaping.

Usually available Monday through Friday, tours run for around 90 minutes. Wheelchair accessibility is not available at Virginia Robinson Gardens due to its historic status.

11. Explore Los Angeles:

Explore Los Angeles

Because Beverly Hills and Los Angeles are border cities, Beverly Hills is the most affluent city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the nearby La Brea Tar Pits, which are less than three miles from Beverly Gardens Park, are just two of the top sites in Los Angeles that are easily accessible by car.

The most stunning beaches in Los Angeles, top weekend excursions, and some of the best day outings from LA are all conveniently accessible throughout the remainder of LA County. There is enough to keep anyone occupied on these extensive lists of attractions for every month of the year.

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