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India’s Most Laidback Hill Stations

India, a country with many different types of scenery and beautiful locations, has several charming hill towns that escape the metropolis’s bustle. Far from the maddening crowd, some places are close to magic, beautiful mountain places in India. We have handpicked India’s most laidback hill station for you:

Best Laidback Hill Stations:


Kodaikanal, the princess of the Hill station, is mainly known for being a honeymoon destination among other places in India. It is the most suitable and beautiful destination in south India because of its panoramic attractiveness, leaving tourists stunned with unforgettable experiences. The meaning traveller places in Kodaikanal is the gift of the woods, including some thick forests with vast types of trees, beautiful waterfalls and huge rocks.

Places To Visit:

  • Green Valley View (Suicide point)
  • Kodai Lake
  • Bear Shola Falls
  • Pillar Rocks

2. MIRIKS, Hill Station:

Mirik is a picturesque tourist spot in the serene hills of Darjeeling. Mirik arrives from the Lepcha word Mir-Yok, indicating “place burnt by fire.”

 It has become a famous traveller destination for its weather, natural beauty and effortless accessibility. The centre of all interest is the Sumendu Lake, wrapped by a garden and pine trees connected by an arching footbridge named Indreni Pull (Rainbow Bridge). Boating and pony riding are available.

 Mirik has several sightseeing and tourist places other than the Lake. Stunning viewpoints to watch the sunrise, sunset and the landscape, nearby tea gardens, monasteries and temples, orange orchards, flower gardens, orchids, and more.


  • Mirik lake
  • Feeding the fish at Mirik
  • Ramitey Dara
  • Tingling Viewpoint
  • Deosi Dara
  • Tea Gardens
  • Horse Riding

3. NAGGAR, Hill Station:

It is one of the few magical locations in Himachal Pradesh known for its treasure attractiveness that has remained unspoiled and inaccessible. While strolling through the meandering paths lined with pinecone and deodar trees, you will see rolling views of snow-covered mountains and the roar of the Beas River everywhere. Because of how stunning it is, some British commanders even related it to   Switzerland.

Naggar has a  rich royal history and culture and is an extraordinary blend of architectural forms, whether it’s an ancient Naggar castle, Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, or charming timber cottages. The environment is overflowing with the trendy, artistic aura that draws art enthusiasts worldwide.


  • Naggar Castle
  • Tripura Sundari Temple
  • Kasheri Viewpoint and Waterfall
  • Baror Parsha Waterfall
  • Jogini Waterfall
  • Nehru Kund

4. SHILLONG, Hill Station:

The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong, is a lovely city encircled by pine trees. It gets its name from the idol revered in Shillong Peak called Lei Shyllong. This hill town is renowned for its climate, attractive surroundings, and customs. The “Scotland of the East” is another name for this location.

There are various waterfalls in Shillong. The place is popular with tourists because of its thrilling mountain peaks, glistening lakes, stunningly gorgeous golf courses, cafes, and museums. In addition to its natural beauty, Shillong is the entrance to Meghalaya, a state known for its caving, gigantic waterfalls,  breathtaking landscapes, amazing people, and fascinating culture.

Shillong has especially received attention for its positive populace and civilisation. Shillong is an exciting city with a very young vibe and a very Westernised culture. It is known as the “Music Capital of India” since it has produced many well-known musicians. It is a lively spot because numerous music events are ongoing throughout the year

Attractions in Shillong:

  • Shillong Heritage Walk
  •  Phan Nonglait Park
  •  Ward’s Lake
  • Golf Links
  • Don Bosco Museum
  • Elephant Falls


Almora is a lovely hill station set against the backdrop of Uttarakhand’s snow-tipped Himalayan peaks. It is easily accessible from North Indian cities and is renowned for its illustrious cultural legacy, distinctive handicrafts, delectable cuisine, and outstanding wildlife. This town’s main rivers are the Koshi (Kausha ki) and Suyal (Salmali).

Thousands of pilgrims visit well-known holy places yearly, including Jageshwar and Nanda Devi. Kasar Devi, a village close to Almora, provides motels and eateries. This place is well-liked by travellers on a budget.

Almora is the starting point for many routes leading farther into the Himalayas and there are day hikes and weekend treks close to the town. Mountain biking is very popular in Almora because it is convenient and has a low elevation. Tourists can rent bikes from various stores and enjoy cycling around the rocky mountain paths.


  • Zero Point
  • Jageshwar
  • Kasar Devi
  • Chitai Temple
  • Dunagiri
  • Jalna

These places welcome you with their calm atmosphere, untouched natural beauty, and fewer distractions of life. These hill stations offer the ideal environment to relax and recharge.

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So prepare to travel for these peaceful heavens, pack your luggage, and put your problems aside. Let the unspoiled beauty of these hill towns renew your soul. Take advantage of these magical places’ tranquilly and laid-back appeal, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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