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Tampa Beaches

7 Best Amazing Beaches to Explore in Tampa, Florida

Tampa is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in Florida because of its amusement parks, first-rate lodging, and exciting dining scene. Not only that, but it’s also in a prime location close to some of Florida’s greatest beaches.

A short drive away are Clearwater Beach, Indian Rocks, St. Pete’s Beach, and the long, desolate stretches of fine sand at Fort Desoto Park. See the breathtaking Bob Graham Sunshine Parkway Bridge and drive to Anna Maria Island, where seven more beaches and a laid-back atmosphere await your towel and umbrella.

Organizing a day at the beach is simple. Parking is usually easy to obtain, there’s easy access to the sea, and fine dining restaurants with patio umbrellas are just a short stroll away.

With this list of the top beaches close to Tampa, you can organize your next beach vacation.

Best Beaches to Visit in Tampa:

Below are the best beaches:

1. Fort De Soto Park:

Go to Fort De Soto Park if you’re looking for a pair of beaches with lots of space for walking and not a lot of people. This coastal region features two great beaches and a historic fort from the turn of the 19th century, all within 40 minutes of downtown Tampa. Besides all of that, Fort De Soto Park features two fantastic fishing piers, one with amazing views of Anna Maria Island and the other of the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

A beach BBQ is a simple task at Fort De Soto Park, an ideal family beach resort with superb facilities. Distinctive covered picnic shelters with picnic tables and barbecues offer relief from the intense Florida heat. There are huge green areas close by that are perfect for soccer or tag matches.

However, we must not overlook the beaches. This place offers two amazing beaches. North Beach is by far the most popular. This large beach, which faces the Gulf of Mexico, requires some effort to reach the water’s edge, but the effort will be worthwhile once you there. This is one of the best beaches in the area because of the expansive vistas of the Gulf of Mexico, the shallow, crystal-clear water, and the miles of walking beach.

East Beach is a more conventional beach that faces Tampa Bay and is likewise called after a point on the compass. If there are strong winds coming from the north or west, this is the spot to go; it’s peaceful and serene during these times.

2. Anna Maria Island,Tampa:

The gorgeous beaches of Anna Maria Island are just a quick one-hour drive along Interstate 75, but choosing which beach to set up on is a difficult choice. There are seven fantastic beaches on this quirky and enjoyable island, all of which are slightly different from one another, so everybody who comes is sure to find what they’re looking for.

Coquina Beach is the most well-liked beach, and for good reason. This beach is a top pick for many because to its long ribbon of sand, magnificent facilities, and backdrop of tall Australian pine trees. It’s the ideal spot to spend a day at the beach because of the shallow, warm water and the proximity of picnic tables and barbecues to the sand.

Wander back from the beach and check out the market under the trees if you happen to be here on a Wednesday or Saturday. Everything from beachwear to freshly made meals is available from the vendors. It’s difficult to leave this location empty-handed!

Manatee Public Beach is the most accessible beach (you essentially drive into the parking lot if you don’t turn off Highway 64) and has a great vibe. You may eat with your toes in the sand at this well-liked local eatery, which backed by a large expanse of sand. There five volleyball courts available for the active set, and joining a game usually not too difficult.

If you think these beaches too crowded, walk to Bean Point Beach, which located further north on the island. You’ll have the beach to yourself out here, at the island’s northernmost tip, so you can enjoy the nearly 270-degree vista without interruption.

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3. Clearwater Beach, Tampa:

Beach is almost a straight shot west of Tampa. Clearwater Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the area, has a lot going for it. On bright, sunny days, a three-mile stretch of pristine white sand generally crowded with beachgoers. The shallow, clear, and warm water is perfect for playing water football, wading out, or simply splashing around with the kids.

It’s a short stroll from the parking lots to the water’s edge, so bring your own beach gear and set up there. Alternatively, you can rent from any of the numerous beach vendors that sell chairs, umbrellas, and tables. One thing to keep in mind is that parking is pricey ($30 and over per day), and if you arrive later in the day, it may be difficult to obtain a spot at the nearest lots.

With so many activities both on and off the beach, few beaches can match Clearwater’s abundance of offerings. Various dining establishments, numerous of which have rooftop or outside patios, retail stores, and other areas to spend your money entice you away from the sandy seashore.

Don’t forget to wander down the Clearwater Pier, also referred to as Pier 60 locally, while you’re there. It is one of the best spots to obtain a panoramic view looking out towards the Gulf of Mexico and back towards the beach, stretching almost 1,100 feet. Pier 60 is the “in” spot in the evening for amazing sunset views, live music, and merchants offering a wide variety of arts and crafts and necessities you never realized you needed.

You could find Clearwater Beach to be so enjoyable that you desire to stay at one of the top-notch luxury resorts on the beach for one or two nights during your trip to Tampa.

4. Sand Key Park, Tampa:

If Clearwater seems a little too hectic, pricey, or simply not your style, Sand Key could be a suitable substitute. This quiet beach, which roughly 500 yards directly south of the major Clearwater Beach, not often used. Wide-open areas, lifeguards, and Florida’s renowned soft, powdery sand are all present here at the Gulf Beaches.

Parking is almost never a problem. Large parking spaces are close to the beach, and you can save extra money by paying the relatively reasonable $5 per day parking cost.

A longtime favorite among beach walkers is Sand Key. If you point your toes south, you can cover the almost 15 kilometers to Johns Pass on foot.

A tiny concession shop offers cool drinks and snacks along with the ability to rent seats and umbrellas. Take one of the nature trails that meander through and around a distinctive wetland region if you decide you’ve had enough of the heat and sand.

5. Honeymoon Island:

There’s no better location for a beach day than Honeymoon Island. This outlying island is well worth the trek for the afternoon or full day because it has a fantastic beach. There are miles of beaches and few people around to provide for the ideal beach experience.

Once upon a time, Honeymoon Island supposed to develop into a resort town with an endless number of residences and hotels. However, due to a combination of dredging issues and organized local resistance, the project never completed. As a state park, Honeymoon Island permanently protected today.

The primary beach was the most popular when the park was first established, but due to shifting ocean conditions, it is no longer in pristine condition. North Beach, which can accessed by traveling nearly all the way along the park’s main road, currently the best beach. Although you might be tempted to drive in and pull into the first parking lot you come across, should fight the impulse and keep going. You’ll be happy you did.

You’ll get the finest beach experience at North Beach, which stretches unbroken to the very end of the island. Your toes will comforted by the powder-soft sand as you go to the glistening lake. You might find it difficult to leave the water’s cozy embrace once you’re in. After swimming, relax in your beach chair and take in the sun while admiring the Gulf of Mexico’s cobalt-hued waves.

Are you feeling energised? Put on some walking shoes or trek barefoot northward. There will be fewer people and more animals in your path the further you get from the parking lot. Look above for ospreys, search for dolphins in the water. And keep an eye out for tortoises in the grasslands behind the beach.

If all of this beach fun has left you hungry. Stop by Frenchy’s restaurant on your way out to indulge in some of the best seafood Florida has to offer.

6. Indian Rocks Beach,Tampa:

Indian Rocks Beach is one beach near Tampa that stays under most people’s notice. Any local will likely shrug their shoulders and admit they don’t fully know why this is the case. But they are content to keep this quirky and exciting beach to themselves.

With miles of fine sand, crystal-clear water. And breathtaking vistas of the Gulf of Mexico, Indian Rocks Beach is a quintessential Florida beach. It’s easy to find a spot of warm sand to set up your gear because it’s not often crowded. It’s easy to spend a day at the beach here. Because to the frequent walkways that provide access to the beach and the ample street parking.

However, Indian Rocks Beach offers more than just surf, sand, and sun. It’s also about Gulf Boulevard’s excellent assortment of eateries and retail establishments. That are only a short distance from the beach. Guppy’s has delicious seafood. Get some ice cream from the IRB Creamery. Take a seat on the patio at Hurricane Eddy’s to practice people-watching.

Go to Indian Rocks Beach Nature Preserve and explore the boardwalks that wind through the mangroves. If you’ve had enough of the sun and sand or if you simply need to burn off that large lunch.

7. St. Pete Beach,Tampa:

St. Pete Beach is among the best in the business. And has long been a favorite among beachgoers from Tampa and other inland locations. Since the 1920s, people have been lured to the area’s magnificent white sands and opulent lodging alternatives.

This place is ideal for organizing and carrying out family outings. Because of its convenient beach access and ample parking possibilities. If you are not carrying your own equipment, you can rent chairs. However, the walk from the parking lot to the beach isn’t too far if you do have a lot of beach gear.

There’s a good selection of eateries back from the shore, most with patios and umbrellas. Take a leisurely stroll south along the beach in the direction of the striking pink building known as the Don CeSar Hotel. If you have the time and the curiosity to explore. Rebuilt in 1928, this massive structure is one of St. Petersburg’s top vacation hotels.

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