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Beaches in Bradenton

9 Best Amazing Beaches to Explore in Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton is a quiet city that is content to let Tampa, its bold and boisterous neighbor, steal the show. The locals are aware of their excellent fortune and are delighted to show it to visitors seeking an action-packed destination.

Going to the beach is a well-liked activity, and it’s a simple chore. The greatest beaches in Florida are just a short drive across one of the two causeways. With your lounge chair, umbrella, and seven miles of soft, white sand, the warm waves of the Gulf of Mexico are waiting for you.

Plan your beach vacation with our list of Bradenton’s top beaches before traveling to this charming city in the south.

Best Amazing Beaches in Bradenton:

Below is the list of beaches:

1. Coquina Beach, Bradenton:

The nicest beach close to Bradenton is Coquina Beach, which is situated at the southernmost point of Anna Maria Island. Your first task will be deciding where to put up your beach gear on this long, narrow strip of silky white sand.

Are you positioned in the middle of the beach? Yes, if you’re in the mood for some action, volleyball courts, and further services. The well-known Coquina Beach Café is the focal point of this beach. One of the greatest oceanfront locations in southern Florida is its fabled patio. If you don’t have any beach gear, don’t panic; you can easily rent lounges and umbrellas.

Or maybe you prefer a slightly more relaxed location, and you have your family and all of your belongings. In this instance, proceed to the beach’s southernmost point. Here are a few sizable pavilions as well as a children’s playground. If you enjoy shelling, this is also a fantastic site to set up; the wide jetty at the end catches a variety of intriguing beach findings.

Perhaps you enjoy walking on the beach and would prefer a combination of the three. If so, proceed to the beach’s northernmost point. It’s a reasonably busy neighborhood, and if you head north, you’ll eventually reach Cortez Beach, where you may spot some local surfers going about their business.

Towering Australian pine trees that offer a welcome respite from the harsh Florida heat flank all three sites. You can be confident that if you get into the water, lifeguards will be watching you from wherever you want.

2. Cortez Beach:

If you’re traveling to Bradenton with a surfboard, you should make sure to go to Cortez Beach to ride the best waves in the area. This beach is a popular surfing spot and is positioned between Coquina Beach and Bradenton Beach.

Here, three concrete piers stretch out into the ocean, creating ideal riding swells. It’s crucial to set reasonable expectations because, while not Hawaiian-sized, the waves are still rather good for the Gulf of Mexico.

Even if you’re not into surfing, the beach is still a great place to spend a day in the sun. In general, the beach is somewhat calm, with most people setting up north or south. This is primarily because parking can be a little difficult. If you happen to locate a place while driving south on Gulf Drive, seize it right away and count yourself lucky!

One of the greatest spots to go fishing in Bradenton is Cortez Beach. A variety of fish are drawn to the concrete piers. At the end of your line, you might catch a trout, snook, snapper, or grouper.

3. Manatee Public Beach:

Manatee Public Beach

If you enjoy coming to the beach despite having trouble with direction, you will inevitably find yourself at Manatee Public Beach. All you must do is cross the Palma Sola Causeway and proceed west on Highway 64. At the beach parking lot, the road comes to a stop.

This expansive beach is a favorite among Bradenton locals and winter tourists, ranking among Anna Maria Island’s greatest beaches. Wide white sand beaches like this one are uncommon along this coast, and the extra space here is well-utilized. This beach is home to several permanent sand volleyball courts as well as regular leagues and tournaments.

At the rear of the beach is a sizable playground with intriguing constructions for parents of small children who could become tired of the sand and sea. If you can, sit at the restaurant by the beach and enjoy the sights as you wiggle your toes in the sand beneath your table.

A towering two-story lifeguard station guarantees that every beachgoer is under constant observation.

4. Bean Point Beach:

Bean Point is your beach if you want absolute solitude and don’t mind going the extra mile to get it. Located at the northernmost point of Anna Maria Island, this magnificent and untamed beach is in its natural state.

When you visit, remember to pack light and with an adventurous spirit. There are no restrooms, chair or umbrella rentals, lifeguards, or other services available.

The incredibly broad beach and the surrounding natural vegetation give the impression that this is how Florida used to appear in the distant past. Choose a location, then relax and take in the breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico.

You can have an enjoyable stroll by heading north and then east. You can see the convergence of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico waters here.

It’s best to swim here just on the eastern side due to strong currents on the northern side. Fans of windsurfing, wingsuit riding, and kiteboarding frequent this beach. When the wind picks up, their vibrant kites will provide a visual feast as they zoom across the sky.

Bean Point Beach parking is difficult. The initial entry is located at the intersection of North Shore Drive and Fern Street. Where Gladiolus Street and North Shore Drive converge is the second entrance point. If you’re feeling very daring, consider walking the three and a half miles (one way) from Manatee Public Beach. It’s advised to arrive early to secure parking.

5. Bradenton Beach:

Bradenton is not home to Bradenton Beach. It’s on Anna Maria Island, just like all the other beaches. This beach is wonderful in a lot of ways. It features crystal-clear waters, beautiful sand, and a medieval village nestled behind.

In general, the beach is bustling, which adds to its entertaining atmosphere—especially if you like to people-watch. You can eat at any of the numerous eateries surrounding the main street by simply strolling across the street without packing a lunch. Alternatively, pack an outfit change and have dinner at the Beach House Waterfront Restaurant when the sun goes down.

Those who enjoy strolling along the shoreline have this as their favorite beach. Eventually, Cortez Beach and Coquina Beach will come into view if you continue south. You’ll soon meet up with Holmes Beach if you head north, then Manatee Beach after that. Walk north for quiet and south for company when out for a stroll.

There’s a parking problem here. It’s recommended to park further down at Cortez Beach and use the complimentary shuttle, which runs often, or walk to the beach.

6. Holmes Beach:

What about a breathtakingly stunning beach that is largely undiscovered and is not featured on travel guides? Yes, this location is real, and it’s just a quick drive from Bradenton’s downtown. This hidden beach is halfway down Anna Maria Island and goes by the name of Holmes Beach.

This tranquil beachfront is bordered by upscale resorts, single-family houses, and a few low-rise condominium buildings. The apartment will probably be all yours. Maybe a few seagulls and the occasional beach walker will be your only other company. The beach is stunningly white with pristine water; you won’t find lifeguards or any other amenities.

Aquatic life is more abundant because there are less people around. It’s common to observe dolphins occasionally swimming just offshore, and groups of manta rays swimming in the shallows.

Due to the beach’s seclusion, parking is usually easy to obtain, and accessibility is good. Simply search for a location from Avenue E or F on a side street.

7. Bayfront Park Public Beach:

Other beaches in Bradenton are not like Bayfront Park Public Beach. Here, the amenities are more important than the surf and beach.

Due to its short width and northerly orientation, the beach is often tranquil, depending on the wind conditions. This place is great for wading and lazing around on floaties because of the soft sand and shallow water.

This gorgeous beach (and park) is the perfect place for a family picnic because it has lots of green space and big trees. The large lawns are ideal for playing Frisbee, football, or soccer. The big trees make great spots to set up a lawn chair and enjoy some shaded reading time.

Fill the car to the brim with grilling goods, as the park provides free use of the apparatus. There are picnic tables nearby where you can set up a spread and feed your hungry group. Add sweets and fresh produce from the farmers market, which is open every Tuesday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, to your picnic.

You may also simply stroll a little distance down North Bay Boulevard to one of the eateries and eat outside on the patio if that’s more your style. After lunch, enjoy the wide views of the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge by strolling around the pier.

8. Longboat Key:

Really, Longboat Key is basically one long beach that stretches for about 11 miles. Getting started is the difficult part. Regretfully, restricted entry points with little to no parking are typical. But near Bradenton, just across the Longboat Pass Bridge, is one of the bigger and simpler locations to reach the beach.

This is a lovely beach region, with a broad crescent of sand that stretches north to Longboat Key Pass and, to the south, just over 10 miles of unbroken white sand bliss. You should carry all your equipment because there are no facilities here.

Thankfully, the beach access road stretches directly to the sea, making it simple to load and unload all your belongings. There is only about 30 spots available for parking, so arrive early to get one. Don’t worry if you don’t get a spot. Just over the bridge to the north is Coquina Beach, and there are always spaces available in this enormous parking lot.

9. Palma Sola Causeway:

The Palma Sola Causeway serves as the primary entry point to Anna Maria Island. This is the place to go if you want to go to a beach quickly, where you can park your car on the sand and relax in your beach chair in a matter of minutes.

By Florida standards, the beach is nice but not extraordinary. However, that’s a high bar. Sand and shallow, warm waters will impress most travelers from further north. If you have small children and don’t want to deal with the surf of the larger beaches, this is a fantastic area to visit because the water is normally flat and peaceful.

Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are popular here. The shallow water and the option to park on the sand make it simple to launch your equipment, while the inland waters are straightforward to traverse. Pack your gear for shore fishing as well because there is a decent bite along this stretch.

The southeast section of the beach is its best. The traffic never stops, therefore exercise extreme caution when crossing the street.

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