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9 Best Amazing Places To Visit in Narkanda

Travelers who want to explore more than just Shimla and Rampur flock to Narkanda because of its diverse landscapes and unique tourist destinations. In addition to being a small Himachal hill town, Narkanda covered in apple orchards and gently rolling oak and cedar forests. Tourists left with unforgettable memories of Narkanda’s breathtaking lakes, peaks, and meadows.

Narkanda’s serene location has made it a better option than Shimla to spiti valley. Riders also pass through or spend the night at Narkanda. Locations like Stokes Farm and Tanni Jubbar Lake are best in this location.

Read the blog to know about the best places to visit in Narkanda & best time to travel:

Places to visit:

Lets’s take a look at the places to visit:

  • Hatu Peak:

Standing at a height of 11,150 feet above sea level, Hatu Peak is among the highest points in Narkanda to visit. The hilltop dotted with dense forest of oak trees and apples,is home to Hatu Temple,an ancient temple. It devoted to Mandodari,the wife of king Ravana.

Trekkers who begin their journey from Narkanda and travel around 7Km (one way) uphill to reach the highest point For those who hiked the entire way, the amphitheater scenery from the peak’s top is highly satisfying.

  • Hatu Mata Temple:

Almost all travelers give the wooden temple with its Chinese-style sculptures and wooden bands a perfect rating.It thought that during their banishment, the Pandavas prepared their meals there. The two hearthstones, “Bheem Chulha”, can still be discovered close to the shrine.

The temple is a fantastic trek destination because of its wonderful position. Bikers are also drawan to it by the winding uphill ride and the 260 degree panorama of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.It is among the most popular destination in Narkanda.

  • Stokes Farm:
Stokes Farm,Narkanda

The vast Stokes farm is located near the tiny village of Thanedar, some 14 kilometers ahead of Narkanda. It makes a significant contribution to the state’s apple harvest. The farm, which Samuel Satyanand Stokes laboriously built, renowned for its extensive apple farming.

In addition to increasing apple output in the state, it creates jobs for residents who, in addition to planting and harvesting, also make wine, jam, and other by products.

  • Mahamaya Temple:

Known as the Mahamaya Temple, this ancient shrine to Goddess Kali is in Kacheri at an elevation of around 5,500 feet above sea level. The temple is located 7 kilometers past Narkanda on NH-22, situated in a very picturesque setting. The temple exudes a peaceful aura, and the stunning vista from the temple grounds is photogenic.

In the winter, perspectives also feature mounding apple orchards and snow-covered landscapes. The location primarily used for picnics.

  • Tanni Jubbar Lake:

Tanni Jubbar Lake, a rather ephemeral lake in the picturesque Thanedar area close to Narkanda, is one of the unusual tourist destinations in the country. The serene lake abandoned close to Naag Devta, a shrine to the God of Snakes. There are lots of opportunities for nature photographers and peace seekers because of the striking greenery that surrounds the lake.

  • Jau Baug:

The mysterious, verdant meadows of Jau Baug are breathtaking. This valley of meadows is accessible after a further 15 minutes’ walk from Hatu Peak wide. You’ll want to roll down and take some insane scenery photos here. The historical narrative of the Pandavas during Vanya-Prastha also envelops Jau Baug.

The lush meadows are a great place to go trekking. It is only one of the many locations in Narkanda that are great for nature hikes and photography.

  • Kacheri:

Kacheri’s fame stems from the ancient Mahamaya temple, which draws throngs of worshippers each year. Kacheri is located around 7 kilometers ahead of Narkanda on NH-22. Situated 500 meters on foot from Oddi, Kacheri is a pristine hamlet that is perfect for hiking and picnics.

It includes the Mahamaya Temple, which is greatly revered by Goddess Kali’s devotees and regarded as one of the best sites to visit in Narkanda. In addition to its well-known temple, Kacheri beloved for its verdant surroundings and lush apple orchards.

  • Derthu Mata Temple:

A stunning old Hindu temple called Derthu Mata Temple situated close to Narkanda. The elevation of the Derthu Mata Temple is 8,500 feet. Derthu Mata said to be the Mother Goddess of the Kumharsain and Sangri people residing in the region. This is a worthwhile experience because of the breathtaking vista and the temple’s heavenly ambiance.

  • Koteshwar Mahadev temple:

One of the most visited temples in Shimla is the Koteshwar Mahadev Temple. It situated in the lovely village of Mandoli, which exudes a picturesque and heavenly ambiance. It is thought that Lord Shiva took on the form of the Koteshwar deity. Locals claim that God Koteshwar emerges from the temple once every four years based on their religious beliefs.

Best Time to Visit Narkanda:

Let’s explore, which is the best time to visit:

1.Summer Season:

March- June is moderate and pleasant season, with temperature between 15-25 degree Celsius. This time of year, the region renowned for its breathtaking beauty

2. Monsoon Season:

Given the possibility of landslides and road closures, visiting Narkanda during July from September monsoon season is not recommended. But at this time of year, the landscape transformed into a lush paradise, with colourful blossoms and a new waterfall producing breathtaking display.

3. Winter Season:

Narkanda experiences a lot of snowfall during the winter, which runs from October – February. It well-looked location for those who enjoy winter sports. There are occasional lows of -10 degree Celsius, and white snow covers the top of Hatu Peak.

Places to Travel near Narkanda:

Here are the places, travellers can explore near Narkanda:

  • Shimla:

The stunning hill station of Shimla, frequently referred to as the “Queen of Hills,” is located around 60 kilometers from Narkanda. Shimla, one of the most well-liked tourist destinations close to Narkanda, boasts stunning mountain views, colonial architecture, and a bustling town with lots of shops, eateries, and tourist attractions.

  • Kufri:

About 50 kilometers from Narkanda, Kufri is a charming hill station known for its breathtaking scenery and extreme activities like trekking, skiing, and tobogganing. It attracts tourists all year round and offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

  • Chail:

About 80 kilometers from Narkanda, Chail is a peaceful hill station renowned for its natural beauty, palaces, and temples. It offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and is home to the highest cricket pitch in the world.

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