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6 Best Amazing Delightful Homestays in India for Foodies

India is a landscape where you will find a variety of cuisines, flavours and cooking techniques. For food lovers, the best option for experiencing the authentic flavours of Indian cuisine is to travel the country. In India, homestays are the best alternatives as they are well-known and cost-effective.

While choosing a place to stay, we all search for hotels with decent meals and comfort but homestays are more comfortable than hotels. Homestays provide the ideal setting for indulging in culinary experiences beyond simple meals and transforming into cultural adventures thanks to their warm hospitality and authentic flavours. Check out the fantastic homestays across India, and look for memorable culinary experiences.

1. Sunnymead Estate Homestays, Shimla:

Sunnymead Estate is the older Shimla home, built around the end of the last century and called Sunnymead. R.A. “Bungalow” Briggs’. It made available to visitors in 2011. You will quickly fall in love with this homestay if you love nature because you will be able to wake up among a variety of flowers, including dahlias, geraniums, lilies, red hot pokers, alstroemerias, irises, azaleas and more. As soon as you enter, the colonial-style four-poster beds and lavish drapes in the bedroom will take you back in time. Aside from this, the homestay’s decor introduces guests to the family heirlooms that perfectly merge with modern changes. There are four guestrooms at Sunnymead, each beautifully designed traditionally with modern accents.

Both Indian and European cuisine is available, and served in a beautiful collection of china with vintage cutlery that carefully preserved. Most items come from local sources, such as organic fruit and vegetables, freshly baked bread, eggs, and jams.

2. Himalayan Peach, Jibhi

The Himalayan Peach is one of the most incredible places to stay in Tandi, Jibhi, a recently established deluxe hotel. The home has four nicely designed hardwood rooms, ideal for couples and families. It is at the top of the town and provides one of the most excellent panoramas among Jibhi’s hotels. One of the most significant hotels in Jibhi, the homestay offers various modern and standard services, including a tea or coffee maker, toiletries, heating, and outdoor space with views. If you enjoy the outdoors, this is your upcoming nature getaway location. At this top-notch cottage in Jibhi, you can engage in activities like bonfires, village tours, trekking, and more.

You can access a kitchen and a caretaker in this homestay. Depending on your feelings, you can cook for yourself or request that the carer prepare a meal.

3. Firefly by the River Homestays, Karnataka:

You are welcomed at Firefly by the River by breathtaking views of the Harangi River, rice fields, bamboo and palm groves, and chilly plantations. In the peaceful and relaxing area of Coorg, our exclusive homestay gives you the feeling of being at home. This villa perfect for relaxing because it beautifully decorated rooms that face out lovely rice paddies, neighbouring lush hills, and the warm blues of the River, allowing you to mesmerized by nature all around.

The cuisine continues to have a South Indian origin; Idlis, dosas, milk, bread and fruits served during breakfast. The Coorgi specialities spicy pandi curry during lunchtime and evening. Akki roti, Corgi pumpkin, Corgi mutton pulao, and rice noodles are also served at meals. Bamboo shoot curry and wild mango curry are offered depending on the season.

4. Sage Cottage, Uttarakhand:

Sage Cottage has a high oak ceiling and is pleasant, nicely decorated, and comfy. There is enough room to gaze over the emerald terraces or the oak woodland, a haven for birdwatchers. They provide a carer who will take care and direct you. Hedgerows surround a lovely garden, shielding it from the wind and the view of the adjacent dwellings. On the patio, you can appreciate solitude and vistas.

Must-try dishes are Chicken curry and black bean stew. Breakfast will consist of aalo puri, parathas and omelettes with chutney. If you’re lucky, they will let you taste some fruit crumbs, pies, and bread.

5. Pico Farm Stay, Tamil Nadu:

Pico Farm is in the centre of Vasana Farm. A charming, secure, and little farmhouse, Vaksana Farm has a floor area of only 400 square feet. It has two sleeping lofts, a full kitchen, an indoor-outdoor shower, a Mandala-style kitchen, and stunning views of open fields. Features numerous windows allowing plenty of fresh air and natural light. It is hidden between fruit trees, a pond, and a food garden.

The hosts carefully prepare the food and use farm-fresh ingredients to make it feel at home. Vegetarian dishes such as Dal vada curry, Tamarind curry, porridge and buttermilk are offered to the guests. On the farm, you can crop your vegetables and eat them afterwards.

6. Longchem Homestay, Nagaland:

Longchem Homestay is traditional and cosy. It is located in the peaceful Aoyimti village in the Dimapur region of Nagaland and is covered by greenery and paddy fields. The area is also pet-friendly.

The owners of the place provide freshly prepared home-cooked meals upon request. While staying there, you can taste their homemade pickles, made using fresh ingredients like raw mango, lemon, garlic, and ginger cultivated nearby. You can also sample local rice, chutney, and fresh/smoked meat or vegetables.

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India’s beauty is reflected in its beautiful scenery and historical monuments and the warmth and generosity of its people. You can better understand the area’s customs and culture by staying in these homestays across India. Each homestay offers a unique perspective, from snow-covered mountains to sun-kissed beaches. As a result, if you’re looking for more than just sightseeing, immerse yourself in the experiences these homestays provide and make lasting memories of a warm, culturally diverse trip characterized by welcoming hospitality.

In addition, our professionals at Travelindiainfo will also help you arrange a great trip you will treasure for the rest of your life. Call us or send your questions and requests to [email protected].

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