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Best Tea Garden Stays In Darjeeling

Best 5 Tea Garden Stays To Visit In Darjeeling

The Darjeeling area delivers some of the world’s best teas and is well-known for its tea industry. The rich tea gardens that wrap the hillside inclines present stunning scenery, providing Darjeeling’s unique character. Tourists can travel to the tea estates, observe the methods used in picking and preparing the tea and even participate in tea tastings.

Tea specialists and environment fans will find a hideout in Darjeeling in the shadow of the beautiful Himalayas. The place is famed for its extensive tea gardens, which produce some of the world’s best teas. Why not make the most of your trip to Darjeeling by lodging right among the tea plantations? Check out the 5 luxurious tea garden stays in Darjeeling with the perfect balance of tranquilly and unspoiled beauty.


Singtom Tea is the oldest tea estate resort in the world and was built in 1862. At Singtom Tea Estate & Resort, know about the history of Darjeeling’s tea estates. This resort provides a unique chance to understand the art of brewing tea firsthand because it is folded within the quiet Singtom tea garden. Engage with the tea workers and explore the green tea gardens,  go for a walk or birdwatching. As the sun goes down, huddle up by a warm fire and allow the tranquil sounds of nature to fascinate your senses.


In addition to being a tea estate, the opulent resort known as Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling offers its guests a singular and magical experience. Situated in the awe-inspiring Glenburn Valley, the resort provides the ideal fusion of tranquil surroundings, tea tradition, and friendly culture.

To improve the experience of tourists, the resort also provides a variety of activities. The tranquilly and organic beauty of the environment can be experienced by taking relaxing walks through the tea gardens. Gatherings can be planned at picturesque estate locations, allowing guests to savour a delicious meal in the natural world. The chance to take part in tea-tasting sessions is one of the best parts of staying at Glenburn. Visitors may enjoy the specifics and complexity of Darjeeling tea as experienced tea tasters lead them through the many flavours and qualities of teas.


A lovely tea plantation and retreat, Goomtee Tea Retreat is situated in Darjeeling’s picturesque mountains. This retreat provides a peaceful haven between the lush tea gardens and expansive views of the mountains surrounding the Goomtee Tea Estate.

The lodgings at Goomtee Tea Retreat offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The retreat provides nicely built rooms that combine old-world charm with contemporary conveniences. Each room offers peaceful views of the tea gardens so tourists can fully appreciate the surroundings.

The calm setting of Goomtee Tea Retreat is perfect for those who love the outdoors. Travellers can appreciate the area’s natural splendour by strolling or wandering among the nearby tea gardens.  Individuals can participate in scheduled visits to the tea gardens and speak with tea workers to discover more about the skill of picking and preserving tea. The retreat also arranges trips to neighbouring sights, including monasteries, vistas, and neighbourhood towns, to give guests an insight into the region’s rich cultural past.


Tumsong Tea Retreat offers a peaceful atmosphere within its tea farm for those seeking a quiet getaway. As you unwind in welcoming apartments and cottages furnished with regional art, enter a world of timeless beauty. Explore the lush tea gardens, taste tea, and indulge in mouthwatering regional food. Attend yoga and meditation courses to revitalise your body, mind, and spirit.

Tumsong Tea Retreat provides visitors with extra activities to improve their stay other than tea tasting. Tourists can participate in yoga and meditation classes, allowing them to relax and refresh their bodies and minds in a tranquil setting. The resort also arranges cultural events and performances, giving guests a glimpse into the regional traditions and customs of the region.


Chamong Chiabari, located in the tranquil Chamong tea plantation, is the ideal fusion of richness and untouched splendour. The cottages at the resort offer the perfect heaven for relaxation between mountains covered with tea. Enjoy strolls around the tea gardens, engage in tea plucking activities, and revitalise with various treatments in the spa. Enjoy the kind hospitality of the area and take in the true flavour of Darjeeling.

At Chamong Chiabari’s restaurant, guests may enjoy fabulous cuisine influenced by regional flavours and worldwide trends. The resort enjoys using locally sourced, organic farming and fresh ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes.

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The tea gardens in Darjeeling are also an experience for the senses and the spirit. These five tea garden stays provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the majesty of the tea estates, discover how tea is made, and relax in elegant lodgings within stunning scenery. These Darjeeling tea garden accommodations guarantee a getaway that keeps you refreshed and delighted, generating memories to treasure for the rest of your life, whether you’re a tea lover, a lover of the outdoors, or just looking for peace.

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