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Top 10 Underappreciated Wonders of the World

These wonders are not the official wonders of the world, yet they will amaze you. These wonders are those who don’t receive much appreciation globally. We will not include the ancient and the new 7 Wonders as they already have enough worldwide recognition.

Every person around the world already knows the seven Wonders, but we will not discuss them. This blog will guide you about the top 10 underappreciated wonders of the world which are not known to everyone. It’s the best place to visit and discover new things.

Underappreciated Wonders of the World:

10. Chartres Cathedral (France):

It is the definite high point of French Gothic art & architecture. However, the Chartres is an almost perfectly preserved example of its era. It has stainless glass and a vaulted ceiling. The Cathedral lies in Chartres, Paris, often overshadowed by other famous attractions in France.

It widely known as one of the finest cathedrals in the world.

9. Angkor Wat (Cambodia):

The most significant place is the true meaning of the world’s wonders. It is one of the most potent ancient monuments. Angkor Wat is the most visited location, attracting around 2 million tourists annually.

The temple constructed in the 12th century for Hindu worship and later converted to Buddhist uses. The first Western visitor visit to Angkor Wat wrote that no other building exists worldwide.

8. Ajanta Caves (India)-Wonders of the World:

It is well-known as the earliest example of Buddha art & architecture worldwide. Ajanta Caves deserves to be one of the wonders of the world. Many of the carvings were laid back as early as 2 century BC.

Caves lay in the dense jungle and rediscovered in 1819 by a British officer. The Archaeological Survey of India says it is the finest example of Indian art. It shows the ancient depiction of Buddha’s Teachings and the figure of Buddha himself.

7. Sigiriya Rock Fortress (Sri Lanka):

It also known as the Lion Rock of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is the country’s most visited historic site and unique attraction. When King Kashyapa ceased the throne, he made Sigiriya his new capital and fortress.

The gigantic rock formation features ornaments with various artwork. After King Kashyapa died in 495 AD, the site became a Buddha monastery till the 14th century.

Now, it becomes an archaeological place that gives you a once-in-a-lifetime panoramic view. The Fort is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

6. Wave Rock (Australia):

Wave Rock is a world-famous rock located in Australia. It can be one of the world’s wonders as many tourists explore Wave or Layer Rocks.

 However, if you are ever down under, you could head to Perth and take a 3-4 hour tour to Hyden Rocks. You can have yourself a geological experience that’s a little less mainstream.

This rock, so named for prominent appearance-related reasons, is some 2.7 billion years in the making. It’s a belief that the best waves in Australia is not always discover on the coast.

5. Ancient City of Bagan (Myanmar):

The capital of the kingdom of Bagan from the 9th to 13th century is home to over 10,000 religious temples. Now, numbers have dwindled, but there remain an unprecedented over 2,200 monuments, pagodas, temples & buildings within the city.

The city covers an area of 100 square kilometres. It was an international centre for alchemy, astrology, philosophy & medicine. It no longer thrives as in yesteryear, and it remains one of the most magical wonders of the world.

4. Meteora Suspended Rock Monasteries (Greece):

Our next underappreciated place is incredible but was even more when first created. The Meteora complex is a series of monasteries carved into and built with unique sandstone pillars rising from the trees.

It inhabited initially in the 9th century by religious hermits and monks. The buildings were difficult to access via a frightening leaf fragile rope and net pulley system. Now, it has a carved staircase, but the original inhabitants were real hardcore Hermits.

3. The White Temple (Thailand):

The White Temple is also known as Wat Rong Khun. Today’s most modern world wonder is the White Temple. It is still a work in progress and will not likely be near completion until 2070.

It is privately owned and constructed by Thai artist Shalom Chai. The temple lies in the Thailand Chiang Rai province. After falling into despair and being rebuilt by the artist,opened in 1997.

The temple is a conventional place for  Buddha worship and an unconventional house for Modern art.

Click to know more.

2. Meenakshi Amman Temple(India)- Wonders of the World:

Considered as architectural important to southern India as the Taj Mahal is to the north. The Meenakshi Temple is six hectares of unrivalled arts, culture, legend and history. It said to be home to triple-breasted goddess Meenakshi, whose superfluous breasts melted away upon marriage with Shiva.

It estimated 33,000 sculptures and welcomes 15,000 visitors a day. Many visitors also stick around until closing for an essential daily ritual. The image of Shiva is carried to the Meenakshi bedroom to consummate their union.

1. Angel Falls (Venezuela)- Wonders of the world:

Angel Falls is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall and is 3,212 ft tall. The waterfall bears the name after the US aviator, whose first few over them have a legendary spot within the history of exploration. It isn’t easy to locate and navigate once you’re there.

They have become a sort of unofficial aim for any aspiring adventure and an inspiration for Paradise Falls in the Pixar film ‘Up’. It is quite simply breathtaking and can beat everything else out.

Finally, these are the top 10 underappreciated wonders of the world. Explore these places and experience new adventures around the world. For more information, visit our website, Travel India Info or mail at [email protected]. Happy Travelling!!

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