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Beaches in Venice

8 Best Amazing Beaches to Explore in Venice

Those who enjoy the sun, sand, and surf will find a multitude of beach alternatives in Venice, Florida, an Italian-themed city. The beaches surrounding Venice stretch for miles along the Gulf of Mexico, and residents of Florida and other northern states have made it a favorite getaway for years. There are beaches in the municipal borders and in Nokomis, which is a little bit more out.

Every day, an abundant amount of ancient shark teeth washes ashore on the beaches that round Venice. A fossil bed just offshore from the city regularly yields its riches, especially during a storm.

The main beach has a bustling atmosphere to be found. Certain beaches are dedicated to exploring nature, while others provide a calmer, more family-friendly atmosphere. There are plenty of lodging alternatives if you want to be near the beach, and the charming historic downtown section of Venice is only a short drive from the beaches.

The beaches in Venice have one wonderful feature: free parking! With this list of the top beaches in Venice, Florida, you can grab your beach bag and go for the sand.

Best Beaches to visit in Venice:

Below are the best beaches:

1. Brohard beach North:

Most people agree that this amazing swath of sand is the best beach in Venice. Its warm waves and white beaches draw beachgoers from all over the world. The beach stretches northward from the Venice Pier. It also fulfills all the requirements for a fun day, including plenty of free parking and excellent amenities.

The beach is easy to get to, yet it rarely gets too crowded. If you find it a little tight when you initially walk out, simply head a little north of the pier, and the crowds will soon spread out. Beach walkers will enjoy ambling along the waterfront; individuals with a strong sense of adventure may ask to be dropped off here and simply walk up to Venice’s city.

Enjoy the scenery and bustling atmosphere while lounging on your beach towel beneath your umbrella. If you get hungry or thirsty, head over to Sharky’s on the Pier to sate your need. Gaze back at the magnificent beach you have just left as you stroll to the end of the 700-foot-long Venice Pier with a snack or drink in hand.

Boardwalks, picnic tables, restrooms, showers, and change rooms are located behind the beach.

2. Brohard Beach South:

Brohard Beach South is just another wonderful beach in Venice. This fantastic expanse of sand is named for Smyth Brohard, the mayor who oversaw the city from 1958 until 1971. Don’t miss it. Because of the position of the parking lot, Brohard Beach South is generally calmer than its northern cousin. The walk there is more of an undertaking, but it is well worth the extra effort.

After walking to your ideal spot of sand, Maxine Barritt Park guarantees that this stretch of beach is free of residences or high-rises, so you can enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape to the south. Looking north, you’ll notice the well-known Venice Pier.

Take off your beach chair and stroll southward along the shore. Your chances of discovering a fossilized shark tooth are higher here because there are less people around. You can travel past the Paw Park and arrive at Caspersen Beach, where residents claim shark tooth hunting is even more enjoyable, if you walk far enough.

After seeing the beach, stroll through Maxine Barritt Park. Here, there are man-made lakes encircled by trees that provide shade, as well as paved walking trails. This is where you can find the picnic tables, grills, and restrooms if you’re having a cookout. This area also has a kids’ play area called the “tot lot”.

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3. Venice Beach:

One of the greatest beaches in town is the one named after the city. From the city center, getting there is simple. Simply follow West Venice Avenue straight for 0.5 miles until you reach the park and beach area. Get ready to be in awe as you stroll the short distance from the parking lot to the beach. You’re in for a broad view of the cobalt waters, silky white dunes, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Arrange your beach gear close to the water’s edge and enjoy a nice book, stopping sometimes to maybe sight a dolphin surface nearby. For those who would rather be active on their beach day, there are kilometers of beach to stroll around. Alternatively, take part in the excitement if one of the two beach volleyball courts is in use.

Either bring a picnic lunch or stop by the little concession stand within the historic pavilion to purchase a burger, hot dog, or other fast-food item. There are lifeguards on duty at the beach, so you can be confident that someone is watching you and your group.

Scuba divers may be seen getting set up on the beach or diving from boats that are slightly offshore. A quarter mile out from the coast is a reef that is a haven for aquatic life.

4. Nokomis Beach, Venice:

Nokomis Beach, while not officially in Venice, is included on the list because of its immense beauty. Furthermore, compared to other beaches inside the Venice city borders, Nokomis Beach is a little bit closer to the city center. This amazing beach, one of the greatest in South Florida, stretches for kilometers from the North Jetty.

With everything you could possibly want, the beach is rarely, if ever, crowded. Great facilities, soft white sand, crystal clear water, and ease of access are all there. This is the ideal place to begin your beach walk if you’re one of those people who run out of energy before, they run out of beach.

Note to shellers: There are some incredible treasures to be found around the south end of Nokomis Beach. Huge mounds of shells gather when the beach dead-ends against the North Jetty.

There are several entry points to Nokomis Beach, but the two main ones are at Albee Road and close to South Casey Key Road’s end. Large parking spaces are available at both locations; the south lot also features several picnic shelters with BBQs and a sizable children’s playground.

5. Caspersen Beach, Venice:

Out of all the beaches near Venice, Caspersen Beach is the only one that still looks like it did originally. There are rocky shorelines and wide, soft sand beaches to choose from when exploring the beach.

If you’re looking to find prehistoric shark teeth, Caspersen Beach is the spot to go, according to locals among all the beaches near Venice. Look out for black triangle-shaped objects as you stroll down the beach.

To increase your chances, get a Florida snow shovel or rent one. Ask at Papa’s on the Pier or the local bait shops, and they’ll hook you up with what’s essentially a stick-on cage.

Boardwalks make it simple to reach the beach, but parking can occasionally be difficult, so if you want to be sure to enjoy the nicest portion of the beach, get there early. Take a stroll along the multipurpose track that runs behind the beach to combine some exercise with your sunning.

Excellent facilities include picnic shelters, kid’s playground under cover, showers, and toilets.

6. South Jetty Beach:

If you want to get some peace and quiet away from the crowds in other places, this lovely beach is the place to go. There is a small cost associated with this peace, though. Humphris Park to the beach is a five-minute walk across soft sand, but part of the path is shaded by trees.

You’ll be happy you took the effort once you reach the beach. Your reward will be commanding vistas to the south and north, including views out to the jetty. Only sand and low-rise condos in the background here; no services. Although the people who live behind the beach may think of this as their own private property, you are welcome to use their small paradise if you put in a little work.

There are many of parking spaces at Humphris Park where you may park and access South Jetty Beach. If you become hungry or thirsty, this is also a great place to stock up on snacks and drinks, so you won’t have to hike back.

7. North Jetty Beach:

For those who dislike the occasionally turbulent waves on beaches facing the Gulf of Mexico, North Jetty Beach is a great option. It’s a small beach. The beach shielded from difficult terrain and faces eastward toward Turner Key. If there were any waves at all, it would only be from errant pleasure boats.

The water is usually rather shallow, and the sand typically tightly packed. Mangroves and trees shield the beach on all sides, making it a nice place to hide from the breeze. One of the few beaches in east Florida where you can really drive up and onto it is this one. Park your car closes to everything you need and enjoy a day at the beach.

A great spot to launch a kayak or stand-up paddleboard is North Jetty Beach. It’s fun to explore the inner bays and streams, and to the north of the beach area, a sandbar often forms. Pack your own equipment or use the concession to rent it. A restaurant, a bait shop, and other services are in same location.

It’s simple to mix up North Jetty Park, which is close by, with Nokomis Beach. Turning left at the end of South Casey Key Road is the simplest method to locate North Jetty Beach.

8. Brohard paw Park:

Need to cool off when traveling with your four-legged companion? Go to Brohard Paw Park to enjoy the beach with your dog in peace and without a leash. Since this is the only dog park in the area that permits off-leash access to the ocean, furry beachgoers come from all over.

Fido loves to chase crabs, sniff all your buddies, play in the surf, and, of course, roll in the sand to get as much of that gorgeous white stuff in their fur as possible. At the southernmost point of Maxine Barritt Park, there is access to Paw Park and the ocean. Drinking water and showers are accessible for both people and pets.

In case you’re not like swimming or going to the beach, there’s a fenced off-leash area by the parking lot.

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